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Sticky Situations..
June 29, 2007

My wedding day bag used to be filled with all sorts of goodies- something to anticipate any kind of bridal emergency. Ripped dress? I had a sewing kit. (And I tell you, threading a needle 5 minutes before a ceremony is not an easy task!) Stubborn Sash- I had tiny safety pins. (Monique Lhuillier- I still love you..) I had straight pins, double stick tape, scotch tape, duct tape...I had to carry something for everything.. until I found zots. These sticky little suckers have worked miracles! They stick to fabric and paper brilliantly and refuse to let go. Not only are they great for last second quick fixes, but they are perfect for tons of wedding projects-invitations, place cards, favor tags, photo albums, etc. (I recommend the tiny ones pictured above..) and oh-so easy to use. Find them at Paper-Source, (my home away from home..) and most other paper and craft stores. :)


It is Peony Season!!
June 14, 2007

Yes, it is true. Your eyes do not decieve you. The flower that is never in season is finally here! Hurry hurry to your local Trader Joe's (if your local TJ's is anything like mine, I suggest first thing in the morning for your own sanity and safety...) where they are $6.99 for a bunch! (5 peonies= a bunch) Bring them home by the armful while you can. My husband wonders why on earth any one household needs so many peonies- but then I explain to him that the peony season is approximately a week and a half long- so this is my one time a year to go crazy. (I kid, it is really more like 2 weeks..)

{ Photo from the always fabulous Oh Joy! Blog }


Stamp collecting IS cool!

No disrespect to the liberty bell, but I just haven't been wowed by the stamps at the post office lately...
But this- definitely creates the wow factor. It requires some time and patience, (and probably not a project for anybody with a looong guestlist..) but these vintage stamps are just too sweet! Check out ebay for some great vintage stamp finds ebay and don't forget to check with the post office beforehand to weigh and determine your exact total postage required.


Bridesmaid's Dresses for a Good Cause

So summer is almost here and so is closet cleaning time! There finally is a good reason to pull out those old bridesmaid dresses- those that just never were your style, (hellooo bright turquoise corset dress!) those that seem to verge on too fancy to wear in any other circumstance, (the floor length gown with train..) those that no longer fit (it was many years ago!)…

An Illinois nonprofit- Glass Slipper Project is doing the coolest thing. They are collecting formal dresses and giving them to disadvantaged girls to wear to their high school proms.

Check them out online Glass Slipper Project to find a city near you to see how you can donate! (LA girls, be sure to check out Planet Hope)

{ Photo from J.Crew }


Photo of placecards

You have just experienced one of the most incredible events of your life. The person who you love most in the world has popped the question and you have answered 'yes!' The whirlwind of the wedding planning world has now opened- questions and excitement from friends and family, your childhood wedding dreams re-visited, wedding magazines taunting you from the shelves of the check out lanes. You are finding yourself with a new language. A vocabulary full of words such as Fiancé, Chivari chairs, fondant--words you had no idea that you knew and now they seem to run off your tongue effortlessly.

I know how fast everything seems and how overwhelming it all can feel at first, so I created this blog to help answer questions, give advice and inspire new ideas.

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