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Blog Love from 'The Bride's Cafe!'
November 21, 2008

Huge thanks to the lovely Janie Medley of the always inspiring, 'Bride's Cafe' for the absolutely beautiful feature on MB & CB's wedding. It is such an honor to be a part of one of my most favorite blogs!
Check out part I and part II for even more photos from MB & CB's day, compliments of Leigh Miller.


MB & CB's wedding, Part II

As promised- part II!! Thanks again to Leigh Miller for these incredible photographs.

The ceremony took place at the historic Old Mission Santa Ines.

I love this shot..

The beautiful heirloom napkins with their delicate detailing were such a beautiful, personal touch.

How brilliant is this shot?!!

The oak tree provided such an incredible canopy over all of the guest tables. 

One of the courses- grilled local bass with carrot and coriander marmalade (a recipe inspired by The Kite Runner) and herbed flat bread. Ashley and Brian are absolute creative geniuses in the kitchen. 

I dream of this cake. Vanilla sponge cake with champagne bavarian cream and apricot curd. Seriously- it does not get any better. Big thanks to Dawn for her delicious and beautiful work.

Party time!


MB & CB's wedding, Part I
November 17, 2008
I was just beside myself giddy with delight when one of my most favorite photographers ever, the incredible- Leigh Miller, emailed to tell me part I of MB & CB's wedding was ready. You see, I have been anxiously checking Leigh's blog every day hitting refresh every hour, every day for the last week. Scary-obsessive-stalker-ish? Definitely. But, once you see these images and this most incredible wedding you will understand! The photos are absolutely dreamy and completely capture the beauty of the day. Leigh- you blow me away every time!!
Planning this wedding was the ultimate joy for me, especially because I have gained SUCH a wonderful friendship from it!
MB and I got together a few nights ago to celebrate with a glass of vino and reflected on the gorgeous wedding weekend and the amazing journey in planning it. From initial planning meetings, our many road trips to wine country together and everything in between- it has been such an honor to work with these two.
When I first met MB and CB it was an instant connection. MB is one of those people who is just so full of life- the way she lights up every time she tells the story of how she and CB met, her completely infectious smile and laugh, she is the kind of person you just want to know. The kind of person who would think of her wedding planner (and florist) and buy them fancy chocolates because they are infused with the flower you have suggested using.. Really, I have the best clients in the WORLD.
MB and CB can throw a serious party. (You should see CB’s skills in the kitchen..) So it was only fitting that they envisioned an elegant and warm dinner party under the stars. I couldn't wait to get started in finding a perfect location to throw this fabulous fete. The Tres Hermanas Winery- a small vineyard tucked away along the Foxen trail deep in the Santa Ynez Valley- provided a most incredible setting and we lucked out with beautiful wine country weather which was perfect for a completely enchanting evening. The wedding was just oozing with gorgeous and personal details (including using family heirlooms throughout- all of the table linens, napkins and vases had been passed down through the generations, some over 100 years old!) The palette was antique and muted tones of pewter, dusty lavender, and shades of soft white. An emphasis was placed on dried lavender- evoking both the bounty of the region and the vintage aesthetic of the day. Elegant creamy white garden roses, gardenia, hydrangea and silvery dusty miller were among the flowers to soften the look.
Enjoy the photos below!!

School buses were used to transport guests from the beautiful Santa Ines Mission to the vineyard.

As a playful touch for the schoolbuses, I created little lunch sacks for each seat which held a shiny red apple, a wine 'juice box' , a #2 pencil and a 'pop quiz' about the newlyweds. An old-school mead composition notebook was passed around the seats for the guests to sign notes to the couple.

I absolutely LOVED the bridesmaid bouquets- fragrant lavender bundles cuffed with soft, silvery dusty miller. The always amazing Camille provided all of the flowers for the day.

We made small lavender bundles to grace each heirloom napkin. Little paper ribbons marked individual place settings at the head table.

A silhouette artist created little works of art for guests at cocktail hour.

One silhouette was for guests to keep and the other we strung along a clothesline for a beautiful display (which CB and MB got to keep!)

All the pashminas were donated to Friendly Place, a shelter for women.

Massive tufts of babies breath looked stunning as the sun set.

Bella Vista provided the chandeliers which hung from the ancient oak tree were absolutely incredible and provided HUGE impact. (They were as tall as me!)

A foosball table was brought in for the kiddies..

The beautiful couple.

Not only was the menu the most impressive and creative I have ever seen, Duo's staff was really out of this world. Duo and Duet- what a great team!! (hehe, we had some fun with this..)

One of the courses- 'Santa Barbara Caprese'- heirloom tomatoes, grilled melon and tempura avocado. Mmm..

A most classic MB moment. :)

Stay tuned! Part II is up next.


Photo of placecards

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