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Chris & Ainjil's wedding
August 6, 2009


Behind Chris & Ainjil’s tattooed, rocker exteriors are utter romantics. They of course would never admit this out loud, but a peek into the files of ‘Ainjil’s favorite things’ would reveal a love of the French countryside, dried lavender, antique chandeliers, a home filled with imported scented candles, and loads of overstuffed lacy pillow shams. A simple question of how they met would reveal a soft glint in each of their eyes bringing them back to the moment- a truly romantic tale- she a singer in a band, he recording her album.
The wedding design was inspired by their love story, and their love of beautiful things. It would be elegant without being fussy, and it would transport guests to another time and place. Vintage touches, a bit of mismatched charm, comforting foods and music dancing on the air- all night long.
The photos below are all from my dear, dear friend Jose Villa. Jose's photos are always so pure- his film captures such beauty and emotion. His work is timeless, elegant, dreamlike. Jose- a million and one thanks for everything that you do!!






























Some details...
Guests were greeted upon arrival with a “make-your-own” champagne cocktail station, where they could serve themselves with fancy little spoons to create little cocktails of their choice before heading to their seats for the ceremony. Along the way, we displayed vintage umbrellas for guests to help themselves to and use for shade.
A single, massive chandelier hung from the Oak under which Ainjil & Chris exchanged vows and tiny muslin sacks containing dried flower buds were used for tossing as they came back up the aisle.
Cocktail hour was full of merriment- we created little vignettes using different lawn games- an antique croquet set in one corner, horseshoes in another, vintage badminton set in another. The space was dotted with ruffley vintage pagoda style umbrellas- one under which sat a silhouette artist who created little masterpieces with his hands as guests looked on in awe.
An antique riddling rack stood alone displaying guests’ escort tags, and a framed record of ‘Chris & Ainjil’s song’ placed atop stacks of sheet music was used for signing.
Guests moved inside an old barn for dinner, where more chandeliers twinkled from the rafters. The enormous, open barn presented challenges with Chris & Ainjil’s intimate group, so we sectioned off with fabric and ribbon (we created a 24’ wide wall made entirely of ribbon- in varying shades of antique, muted tones) to create different spaces. The ribbon wall was an incredible labor of love, but the effect was pure whimsy and elegance!!
The bride has a serious sweet tooth, so a gorgeous dessert display was in order. (Guests were delighted to nibble throughout the evening, and take home in bags at the end of the night.)
On the table tops, loose creamy blooms filled collected silver pieces, while mismatched china made for unexpected dinner plates. We stamped table numbers on burlap bags which the dinner wine was placed inside of, and wrapped it loosely with antique velvet and lace ribbons.
At the end of the night, the couple danced to their first dance, “performed” by Jim Reeves. (A large screen was placed behind the dance floor, and a black-and-white projection of Jim Reeves singing created the effect of him serenading them at that moment..) It was a truly magical sight!
Ainjil & Chris- thank you so much for allowing me to take part in your amazing planning process and absolutely incredible day. Thank you for trusting my crazy ideas and for allowing me to be a part of your lives for the past year and a half!! I already miss our wine and cheese nights, our afternoon brunches and our back and forth texting sessions on Bachelorette nights!! (hehe..) I feel so lucky to have gotten to know you and to call you friends. :)

Thanks also to-
Anneke & Miki- my girls who make everything that you see possible!!
SBBBQ for the incredible meal and always warm and friendly faces
Camilla Svensson Burns for the yummy florals
Bella Vista for the gauzey fabric draping and elegant chandeliers
Anthony Ybarra- my all time favorite guitarist- EVER
DJ Nahchey for the great tunes
Saral Burdette for the most personal, beautiful ceremonies you have ever witnessed
TEAM for the gorgeous hair and makeup

And saving the best for last-
Joel Serrato for cinematography that will make any grown man cry. (It's that good.) Where to begin with my love for Joel Serrato? His film blows me away every time. I could watch Chris & Ainjil's film over and over (and over) again...
Check it out!!

Untitled from joel serrato on Vimeo.


Sneak peek- Kelly & Sean's wedding flowers!

This past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure to work with the brilliantly talented Kate Holt of Flower Wild. I have always been such a fan of Kate's work and was so thrilled to finally collaborate with her on such a special wedding.
Kelly & Sean envisioned a bold and striking color palette with feelings of a summery, garden fiesta. Kate took the vision and brought it to life in the most incredible way!!
This is just a tiny snippet from Kate's studio-

Kelly's bouquet. Among the blooms- firey orange ribbon holds a delicious cluster of dahlias, wild raspberries on the vine, and gloriosa lilies..

Yummy bridesmaids bouquets- I LOVE pom pom Dahlias. You just can't help but smile when you look at them..

Please tell me that these are not the cutest bunch of bouts you have ever seen? Could you not just eat them right up?! (Trust me, people tried!! haha..)

Colorful bits of fabric wrapped around the vases brought such happiness to the table tops..

Filled with more happiness...

Distressed terra cotta held pom pom dahlias, wild raspberries, red sweetpeas, more gloriosas..

With succulents..

A sea of incredible color!!


Photo of placecards

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