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S + D's Wedding
October 12, 2009

Picture 10

Ok, so I am way behind on blogging. I am also way behind on my emails & calls. And on cleaning my office. And on working out..
It is that end-of-summer, how-is-it-really-fall-kind of time- a strange place where the frenzy of the summer wedding rush may be winding down, but I am still in a constant state of catch up as fall weddings begin and 2010 is strangely right around the corner..
But, I digress. That is not what this post is about. This post is about S + D and their incredible wedding.
I often find myself stuck with a serious case of writer's block as I begin a post about a couple and their wedding. So much emotion comes rushing back to me as I reflect on the couple, our planning journey together, and of course, their beautiful day. With S + D, I am truly overwhelmed. Can I really put all of my feelings into words in a simple blog post?
I'll never forget the first time S called. Her familiar voice was hard to place, but there was a soothing, comfortable way about it- like I'd known her forever. When I met her, I found my star-struck feeling was quickly replaced with something bigger- I was human-struck. Because it isn't her gorgeous, movie-star beauty or the fact that she is a brilliant actress that makes S, S. It is the fact that within moments of meeting her, she is embracing you with a warm hug, inviting you in her kitchen and serving you eggs. It is her gentle and caring smile as she describes the way she envisions her wedding day. It is her loving glances toward D with every word. Theirs is a love that is so true and so real. Something completely inspiring and enviable. And their wedding day would be a reflection of that in every way.
The breathtaking Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse, deep in the mountains of the Santa Barbara wine country would provide the setting for the beautiful celebration. The farmhouse was built in the 1700's and moved from New Hampshire, Tennessee and West Virginia (respectively.) I love old houses- and this one in particular- with it's old, wood-smoke smell and stories literally echoing from the walls, will truly transport you to another place. The setting may be rustic- but more so, it is majestic. In a way that would take anyone's breath away the very moment they drive in. And what a drive it is! As you wind through the mountains on a twisty, one lane "road" you may likely find yourself doubting whether there could be *anything* out there. Being so far removed from civilization- from lights or paved roads or cell phone towers- almost to a point of discomfort, you will stumble upon the small gravel driveway. And just as S + D's guests did, you will enter another world.
The farmhouse provided inspiration for the design of the day. It would be simple but thoughtful, rustic and vintage, mismatched and colorful, with a touch of country charm- which when all placed together in such a beautiful, natural setting creates a tone of relaxed elegance. Rather than commit to a specific color palette- S wanted it to come naturally via whatever the freshest, local flowers were that weekend. We focused on textures- like raw wood and burlap alongside linen kitchen towels (which were used in place of napkins!) I collected vintage tins during the planning process to hold loose blooms (Any tin from England on ebay and local fleas were quickly snatched up by me to honor where S is from.) Mason jars, vintage furniture, antique quilts and loads of little collected bits and pieces were incorporated..

Enjoy these jaw-droppingly beautiful photos from the talented and amazing, Max Wanger.


S+D's wedding weekend was kicked off with a Friday night "welcome dinner" at the Farmhouse, complete with enormous pans of paella, (courtesy of the always fabulous "Duo,") a Beatles karaoke band (seriously, does it get ANY better than that? I think not..) and an overwhelming sense of excitement and anticipation.


These bags welcomed guests as they arrived to their hotel rooms. I used burlap and screen-printed muslin tears to personalize the bags. They were filled with yummy treats like Santa Barbara pistachios and toblerone chocolate and also practical travel bits- sunscreen, lipbalm, advil, etc.

On the wedding day, guests were treated to a pre-ceremony cocktail gathering where they were greeted by beautiful rows of mason jars with freshly squeezed greyhounds, sipped through old fashioned, paper straws.





Old drawers held S & D's programs which we displayed on an antique table. Old cabinet doors got new life as sweet signs that we dotted throughout the wedding. 


Picture 9
Picture 8


Vintage trunks at the ends of the aisle held parasols for guests to shade themselves during the ceremony.



Bowls of dried flowers were placed on the ceremony benches for guests to toss on the newlyweds as they came back up the aisle. 

Picture 16





Easily my favorite escort card display I've done yet! We collected dozens and dozens of vintage, mismatched bottles, each which held a single bloom and featured a small tag with names and table numbers. We displayed the bottles in a vintage desk. :) Big thanks to Bianca of Little Miss Press for her beautiful calligraphy!


There is an ostrich farm on the property, and this little guy wanted to join the fun.







Charming, vintage tins overflowing with colorful blooms, courtesy of my dear friend Camille..

Picture 24


Picture 25

Picture 32

There was such a beautiful, loving energy in the air all night..

Picture 27

Picture 26

Yes, those stars in the sky are real. 

S+D, I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of your love and kindness and for entrusting me with your beautiful wedding day and letting me be a part of something so unbelievably special. I feel forever changed by knowing you, and am so grateful for our friendship! Drinks soon!! :)

A big thanks to our vendor dream team-
Location- Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse (xoxox Gretchen!!)
Photography- Max Wanger (and Margaux!)
Catering- Ashley & Brian and the amazing team of Duo Events!
Flowers- Camille Panzarello, Modern Day Design
Lighting- Bella Vista


Shout out- Mary Ann Goodhue
October 5, 2009
I am not sure if I will ever, ever come down off the high from this past weekend and June & Paul's most incredible wedding. I cannot stop smiling from it all. (A huge post will come as soon as I get the pics!)
I am way behind on a lot of things right now- but I wanted to do a quick post to give a shout out to Mary Ann Goodhue for not only her beautiful calligraphy, but her beautiful heart and ability to pull off a small miracle for me. When the company misplaced the order I put in for the walnut wood escort cards to be sent to her (something I found out just days before the wedding) I felt completely panicked. Mary Ann would literally have hours to complete all of the cards before overnighting them to me (she is in MICHIGAN, no less!)
Not only did she get everything done in time, but it was absolutely beautiful work, and when I opened the box, I almost cried- the cards were even alphabetized for me!!!
Thanks to Mary Ann, we created an escort card display hung along lengths of twine that was gorgeous- (even if it was a bit difficult to untie them from the line! :)
Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Mary Ann!!


Photo of placecards

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I know how fast everything seems and how overwhelming it all can feel at first, so I created this blog to help answer questions, give advice and inspire new ideas.

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