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Wedding Invitation Posters at Etsy
January 18, 2008

I found this idea on etsy (one of my very favorite websites) and I loved it so much, I just had to share. These super sweet wedding invitation posters are from "Unless Someone Like You Designs" who came up with the idea when she wanted to create something unique for her own wedding. She designed an 11x17 wedding invitation poster which was sent to guests in a mailing tube. Such a brilliant idea. I am obsessed with mailing tubes- they are a totally fun way to deliver precious paper products safely- and really, how excited and intrigued would you be to come home and find a mailing tube amongst all of your other mail? Mailing tubes can be found very inexpensively at PaperMart (another favorite of mine) and can be dressed up a number of ways with cute labels and stamps. I would make the RSVP in a postcard style (I figure an envelope here would be a bit cumbersome) and either attach it with a ribbon or soft yarn around the rolled poster, or I would create a band out of patterned paper to wrap around the poster and tuck the RSVP card in gently. I may even make a tiny tag to hang off the yarn with which I would display a wedding website address for more information about the wedding. (In place of the other typical invitation inserts- map inserts, accommodations info, reception cards, etc.) Or I may have some fun with the mailing tube caps- and display info directly on them!
The poster would also be a fantastic alternative to a guest book- it could be framed and matted and set out for guests to sign. After the wedding, glass can be added and it is ready to hang!
"Unless Someone Like You Designs" will create a custom designed poster that reflects you for $150. The cost includes the price of the design only. The image will be digitally sent for you to have printed at a printer of your choice. Check out the site for more ideas!


LA MILL is open!
January 16, 2008
Yay! The highly anticipated LA MILL COFFEE has finally opened its doors and coffee nerds all over town are rejoicing at the sight of new clover machines, a gorgeous hand pounded marzocco espresso maker, and an incredibly inventive menu of coffee drinks in a gorgeous setting. (It is the latter and the fact that it is so close by that has me most excited!)
The interior is a swanky chic--faux croc turquoise and robin's egg blue chairs, red banquettes, black lucite table tops and a gorgeous show stopping brass chandelier. It is no wonder the people at LA MILL are insistent that this is not a coffee shop- oh no- this is a coffee boutique.
The food menu is equally impressive (with Michael Cimarusti of Providence behind it) with everything from fancified eggs for breakfast, soups, salads and paninis for lunch and a super fun dessert menu- (like the "almost creme brulee" with vanilla salt, bananas and marcona almonds.) The fancy food has a fancy price tag, but there are several pastries on the menu as well which also look delish (and won't break the bank!)
But back to the coffee. One of the coffee drinks on the menu I had to try right away was the "coffee and a jelly donut" which really is more a novelty or dessert (not an everyday order) but it certainly is a must try. They actually steep a donut in the milk before frothing the milk and at the bottom of the glass (yup, they serve this one in a tiny glass) is a layer of sweet jelly which you mix together before drinking. It really becomes a jelly donut in your mouth- amazing. Another signature is the "coffee and a cigarette" (obviously not for everyone- but adventurous and impressive nonetheless) where similarly-they infuse tobacco in the whipped cream. Of course, they also have all of the old stand bys too and the most enormous tea selection for non coffee drinkers. I am excited to try their "Masala Chai" which with masala, current, spices, milk and sugar sounds pretty dreamy to me.
So really, I can't think of a better place to meet and talk wedding talk than in a gorgeous place like this with some of the world's best coffee and tea! Can't wait to see you there! :-)


Save-the-Dates *Thinking (within) the box!*
January 2, 2008
How sweet are these? I had such a blast helping to design these beautiful save-the-dates for Sarah and Mike! I absolutely love doing something unexpected when it comes to save-the-dates. Since they are not formal invitations, you can have so much fun being creative here. It is your first opportunity to make your wedding date known- so why not have fun with it!? I always like to encourage couples to think outside the envelope and surprise their guests. :)
When I first met Sarah and Mike (over the perfect latte at Intelligentsia) our ideas starting flowing for their "country elegance" styled wedding at a Eucalyptus Lane. Among the many motif possibilities that the space evoked, the eucalyptus plant seemed like a pretty perfect idea. Mike is a design whiz and came up with a beautiful eucalyptus tree motif which were printed using a Gocco printer in a cool, silvery blue ink. The fonts he chose were a blend of bold and modern, yet still romantic and sweet. We attached a single stem of fresh eucalyptus with a natural twine and the silvery leaves of the fresh eucalyptus mimicked the silverly blue ink gorgeously. (And the fresh eucalyptus has a wonderfully mild, fresh smell!) Keeping with the organic feeling of their wedding, we chose kraft paper components and a natural wood shred as a bed for the save-the-date. I absolutely love the way everything looks when you first open the box and find the kraft paper sealed with a delicate top of a eucalyptus sprig!
Sarah and Mike- I am looking forward to invitation time when we create new fabulous ideas!


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You have just experienced one of the most incredible events of your life. The person who you love most in the world has popped the question and you have answered 'yes!' The whirlwind of the wedding planning world has now opened- questions and excitement from friends and family, your childhood wedding dreams re-visited, wedding magazines taunting you from the shelves of the check out lanes. You are finding yourself with a new language. A vocabulary full of words such as Fiancé, Chivari chairs, fondant--words you had no idea that you knew and now they seem to run off your tongue effortlessly.

I know how fast everything seems and how overwhelming it all can feel at first, so I created this blog to help answer questions, give advice and inspire new ideas.

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