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Cristin's baby shower!
June 26, 2008

Cristin, read no further!
Since I just posted about my gocco adventure, I wanted to show off the finished product which I am super excited about.
Coming up with the design was a long process but totally worth it.
I had a case of mailing boxes leftover from a previous project that I knew I wanted to use for the invites. That was my starting point. I wasn't sure what I would put in the boxes, or what the design of the invite would be so I scoured baby stores on the internet for days to see if I could find any motifs or baby items that jumped out at me. By Sunday night, I was exhausted and had nothing, so I decided to take a trip to the drug store to look at the baby aisle. I was actually going in hopes of finding diaper pins and then design my invites somehow around those. No diaper pins at the drug store, but instead I found the cutest packs of white onesies. Then all at once, the entire invitation came to me and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I purchased all of the onesies they had and headed home to get started. The design process is so funny this way. It is not one that can be forced or rushed. Inspiration is all around, sometimes you just need to get out to find it.
Since Cristin does not know if her little one will be a boy or girl, I went for neutral tones (which also happen to be similar to those she is using in her nursery.) Butter yellow and sage green are such soft, calming colors and they worked well with the kraft boxes I had. I figured the onesie could be the invitation itself, though I figured it would be cuter if in fact the onesie could actually be used by the mommy-to-be. I purchased a fun font from My Fonts (love this site!) and let that carry the design. Of course the little "clothesline" added some extra sweetness, and at the shower there will be a life size one with baby clothes hanging.
I hope she loves them. :)


Gocco fun
June 25, 2008
So one of my best friends in the world, Cristin, is having a baby in August and I could not be more thrilled for her. She is the first out of our group of friends to be having a baby so a fabulous baby shower is most definitely in order. I was put on invitation duty and I could not wait to get started and put my new gocco printer to use!
For those who are unfamiliar with the gocco- it is this magical little box of joy which has time traveled from the 1980's Japan to the states today. It has taken the wedding industry by storm lately and opened so many new doors to DIY-ing. I LOVE it.
The way it works is surprisingly simple. You take an image or design (something you drew, created on the computer, a photograph, etc.) and make a photocopy of it. (The photocopy is important because it contains carbon..) Then you place the photocopy in the gocco, attach the special light bulbs in the top (these are one time use only light bulbs) close the lid and poof! The light bulbs go off, there is some smoke and magically, your image has now transferred to the little disposable screen in your gocco. (And by magically, I mean that the high heat bulbs have burned the teeny tiny bits of carbon onto the screen.)
The screen then gets inked with whichever colors you are using and goes back in the gocco. Then your gocco is ready to print onto your paper. "You mean like a screenprinter?" Dave asked when I finished explaining what the bright orange box on our dining room table was. Yes. That is what it is. I just like to be able to explain it now that I am finally able to.
Dave was as intrigued as I was when I first learned about it, so he took some photos of the process which I thought would be fun to post to show how easy it is.

Inking! You don't have to be precise with this. The image that is burned into the screen has the teeniest, tiniest holes to allow the ink through..

Putting the film back over the screen (so the ink does not gush everywhere or get the gocco dirty.)

Rather than paper, I decided to use the onesie in the gocco. Kind of a risk since I had no idea if it could handle it. (They do make fabric ink for the gocco, though I did not have any..) Notice the screen is back in the top of the gocco.

Pressing down the top to put the ink on the onesie. You need to be careful not to put too much pressure or too little pressure.

Yay! A perfect print!

Half way done..

Of course, there is no photo shoot in our house without Chester. He got in on some gocco action too.


Sarah/Mike's wedding at Style Me Pretty!!
June 18, 2008
Eeek- I am so excited! Today Abby, of the fabulous Style Me Pretty, has featured Sarah and Mike's wedding!! What an incredible honor. I still get teary eyed looking at the incredible photos from Leigh Miller. She captured the dreamy feeling of the day in the most breathtaking way.
Abby also shared the inspiration boards I created, the stories behind the designs, and all the yummy details of the day!
See it all at Style Me Pretty!


Guess what time it is!?
June 10, 2008

Time for Peonies at Trader Joes again! Probably the best $6.99 you can possibly spend right now. I picked up (a few) bunches of the yummy light pinks today and put them all over the house and used almost all of our teapots, creamers, cups and bowls in the process. Here they are in my office- where I spend most of my waking hours- putting a huge smile on my face as I type..


love these labels..
June 5, 2008

I have been a bit obsessed with labels lately and I am just loving this sweet and simple design which I have found to be completely versatile for many different styles and purposes. Print directly from this template onto a really thick piece of card stock and then use your imagination- use for place cards, gift tags, or to label cheese displays, appetizer trays, speciality drinks, etc. Enjoy! :)


Photo of placecards

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