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Celebration of Spring!
May 12, 2009

HI all!
So I know it has been forever since my last entry, but I thought I would make up for it with a really exciting post full of gorgeous photos from a reaaally cool project that I got to be a part of!
I could not have been more thrilled when the fabulous Corbin Gurkin asked if I would be interested in collaborating on a photo shoot she was doing. I am a huge fan of Corbin's work and I was so honored that she thought of me! Also-the shoot would be taking place in my favorite place in the world- Los Olivos, and one of my all-time-favorite florists ever- Camille Panzarello was on board too. (Camille and I always have such a blast working together!)
When we started to envision the scene, we couldn’t help but be overwhelmingly inspired by nature for this shoot. The beautiful landscape of the Santa Barbara wine county, the gnarled trees of the Crossroads estate, the overgrown, wild meadow contrasted by the perfectly manicured rows of grapes. Spring is such an incredible time of year- a time that is so full of new life, vibrant colors, berries and fruits, the sweet song of birds.. Our goal was to embrace this- to compliment it and celebrate it. Rather than force a theme, this in turn, became our theme. The celebration of spring. :)

The *incredible* Lisa Hoffman, owner of Ceci New York created this invitation suite just for us for the shoot!

I found an old beat-up piece of fence which was given new life by Laura Hooper's calligraphy and made for a welcoming wedding sign.

Rows of farmer's market raspberries and blackberries created a quilt effect for a yummy, fresh favor table.

Raspberry hued juice (with berries and blood oranges) sipped out of mason jars was a sweet treat on a hot day.

I took a vintage gate (beautifully patina'd with age..) and secured escort cards to the decorative iron scrollwork with antique lace ribbon.

The favor table was adorned with an old urn overflowing with Camille's incredible blooms.

French macaroons made for a sweet, dainty alternative to wedding cake.

Embracing a vintage aesthetic, old tins were given new life as vases to hold the vibrant blooms on the table. A nod to the song birds of spring, vintage sheet music was a detail we incorporated throughout (here as placemats!)

Rough twine was tied around elegant, pearly handled flatware to create interest and bring in a bit of a rustic touch.

One of camille's masterpieces from the day. Love the torn ribbon wrapping the bouquet.

The table was set under a whimsical "chandelier" of vintage bird cages. It was pure magic as the sun began to set behind the hills..

I loved these vintage bird cages. I collected them for months, hitting every flea market I could! (And thanks to my dear friend Kris for letting me borrow a few of her's!)

Thank you so much, Corbin for this wonderful opportunity and for your absolutely incredible photography!!


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