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Los Angeles Flower Market
September 14, 2007

When it comes to getting inspiration for weddings, one of my very favorite things to do is to hit up the Los Angeles Flower Market in the wee hours of the morning. Now getting up at 5am is not my ideal waking hour by any means, but I have to say- there is something so peaceful about getting up while the rest of the world is asleep, snuggling up in my favorite sweatshirt, getting a hot cup of coffee and tiptoeing around my snoring dog and sleeping husband (who at 5am are still very much in the sweetest of dreamlands.) The air is dewy and cool and the sun is just barely beginning to shine its light. I love putting on a good cd and taking the drive through the completely empty, quiet streets of downtown- it feels like a different world- totally surreal.
The quiet and calm stops though once you do arrive (by this time the coffee has kicked in anyhow..) because the flower mart at 6am is totally bustling and awake. I recommend parking at 742 Maple- it is a lit park garage with plenty of parking and the man at the gated entrance/exit could not be friendlier. (Friendly faces are nice at such an early hour!) You can park on the roof which is cheaper- but you then need to take the (slightly sketchy) freight elevator to the flower mart below. If you decide to park on the first level there is an entrance to the escalators right there though- so if you are alone I would suggest going this route. (Though going with a friend is always more fun..) As you go down the escalator the sweet smell of fresh cut flowers overtakes you and soon you are in a sea of color. I love going from stall to stall touching and smelling everything I see. The prices are remarkable- even without a wholesale license- and I always learn so much each time I go. I can't help but load up on armfuls to bring home and play with. (I made some awesome mum balls this week!) The price for admission depends on the day ($2 during the week, $1 on Saturday) and the hours open to the public vary also. Bring cash! Though some stalls take debit/credit cards, for the most part it is cash only. (And the garage is cash only..) If you forget to hit the ATM before going- not to fear there are a couple ATMs within the flower mart that charge a usage fee.
I really recommend every bride go check it out. The vendors are generally all very friendly and helpful- they can tell you the names of flowers, whether or not they are in season during your wedding, how much they cost, etc. Not only will you get tons of ideas for your wedding, but you can go home with several bunches for your house! (I am always happier when there are fresh flowers in my house! :)
Ok, so don't forget:
*Go EARLY! If you can, go right at opening.
*Bring cash.
*Bring a friend.
*Park in the garage.
For more information check out Los Angeles Flower District
{Photos by my oh-so-talented up and coming photog friend Emily}


Lark Cake Shop!
September 5, 2007

I am always excited when cute new places move into the 'hood- so when the adorable Lark Cake Shop opened its doors I couldn't wait to do some "research." ("Research" is a great way to justify buying and eating loads of desserts. I highly recommend everyone do it!) The first time I went (day 3 of business) must have been the same day the entire population of Silverlake also went, because there were only a few cupcakes left when I got there. The friendly staff was eager to share their mini one bite sample cupcakes with me though, so I was able to sample a few different flavors relatively guilt free and what I tasted was oh-so-yummy. Their cakes (I picked up a few slices) were also good, and very pretty. (As of right now- Lark does not do wedding cakes, but I have hopes that their future plans do include this!)
I went back after some time had passed for more cupcake research and was pleasantly surprised to see new treats and cupcake flavors- salted caramel cupcakes (mmm) and nutmeg cupcakes were new to the menu in addition to the classic standards- red velvet, black and white, vanilla, chocolate mousse..
At under 2 bucks a cupcake- I think these perfectly sized treats would make for awesome favors for weddings or in place of a wedding cake. They look beautiful too- very shiny, bubbly peaks adorned with sparkly crystal sugar and other fun toppings.
Go check it out! {Located at 3337 Sunset Blvd just east of Micheltorena in Silverlake.}


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You have just experienced one of the most incredible events of your life. The person who you love most in the world has popped the question and you have answered 'yes!' The whirlwind of the wedding planning world has now opened- questions and excitement from friends and family, your childhood wedding dreams re-visited, wedding magazines taunting you from the shelves of the check out lanes. You are finding yourself with a new language. A vocabulary full of words such as Fiancé, Chivari chairs, fondant--words you had no idea that you knew and now they seem to run off your tongue effortlessly.

I know how fast everything seems and how overwhelming it all can feel at first, so I created this blog to help answer questions, give advice and inspire new ideas.

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