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Puppy love..
May 1, 2008

I just love it when couples can include their pets in their weddings. After all, a wedding is an event to be shared with those closest to you- and for many, this can include their furry, four legged friends! Of course, you need to consider your location (a hotel ballroom or restaurant are obviously not so pet-friendly) and the comfort level of your dog (if large groups may scare him/her, if the space is safe, who will care for them, etc.) but if it is possible, it is such a sweet, wonderful thing. Having our little guy at our wedding was so important to us- and of course, almost immediately after the ceremony, he was fast asleep.. (weddings are exhausting!)
While I am not a huge fan of doggy clothing (although I will admit to owning a couple of Christmas sweaters for Chester- purely for the purpose of our hilarious Christmas cards..) I do love adding a little something out of the ordinary that is elegant and special.

{This chocolate lab's flower wreath incorporates wedding day flowers, Martha's frenchies, Sharky and Francesca wear ultra glam "diamond" necklaces (instructions below,) A flower wreath to complement the bride's bouquet from Southern Weddings, A beautiful ribbon D ring collar (instructions below,) a simple ribbon leash and a pearl necklace (instructions below,) are an elegant and easy.}

"Making diamond" necklaces:
Cut a 3/4-inch length of light-gray grosgrain ribbon to your dog's collar length, plus 4 inches. Trim the ribbon ends with pinking shears.
Fold under 1/4 inch of the ribbon at one end, and then fold under 1 inch more; stitch in place. Turn the ribbon over, and repeat at other end.
Unsnap two 3/8-inch snaps. Hand-stitch the snap sockets (the indented sides of snaps), one beside the other, to 1-inch hem. Stitch the snap balls (the protruding sides of snaps) on reverse side of other end, so snaps will meet when hems are brought together.
Cut rhinestone trim (dangles or droplets) to fit hemmed collar, minus 1 inch. With a needle and a doubled length of thread, stitch the trim to the front of the ribbon, beginning past hem with snap sockets attached.

Making a pearl collar

Measure loosely around dog’s neck; add 12 inches to total.
Thread 18-mm faux pearls (3/4-inch wide) onto embroidery ribbon. Knot ribbon at each end close to pearls.
Knot strand loosely around dog’s neck.
Cut 2-inch-wide satin ribbon to be 1 yard long; tie around ribbon into a big bow at the back; trim ends on an angle.

Making a D-ring collar
Measure dog’s neck, and add 8 inches; cut grosgrain ribbon to final length.
Lay face up, and fold one end under by 4 inches. For a buckle, thread two D rings onto ribbon, and slide them all the way to the fold. For a loop to attach leash, thread on another D ring, sliding it to 2 inches from the buckle.
Slip a 2-inch piece of fusible webbing between layers of ribbon, between buckle and loop, and another between the layers after the loop. Iron to fuse. At other end, fold edge over toward front of collar, and secure with a small piece of fusible tape.
To buckle, thread end through both D rings, then back through the bottom one, and pull loose end to tighten.

I also found this great idea from esty seller BiceDesigns who will take a necktie and turn it into a collar or a sweet ring purse for your dog. He can match the groom/groomsmen but still feel like a dog- love it!

And because I just can't help it- more Chester. (This is one of my favorite photos of the day- him peaking out from the groomsmen's legs.)

{photo by Jose Villa}



these pups are so adorable. thanks for sharing your ideas. my fiance and are getting a dog but not until after the wedding :(

By Blogger berry bride, at May 12, 2008 at 11:41 AM  

those dog necklaces are too cute - my dog needs one!!
xo alison

By Blogger Mademoiselle Frou-Frou, at June 5, 2008 at 8:25 AM  

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