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Danielle & Matt's wedding
July 2, 2008

Danielle and Matt's wedding day is one of those days that still makes me smile each time I think of it and one that was so special to me. 
First, you could not meet a cooler, more down to earth and completely fun couple than these two. Danielle and Matt are both brilliant comedians and their incredible group of friends and family who joined together to celebrate their wedding day are also some of the funniest people in entertainment. Needless to say, the day was truly bursting at the seams with love and laughs- but was also one of the most touching and beautiful days I have ever been a part of.
There was such an overwhelming sense of love and joy in the air and genuine celebration for being all together for Danielle and Matt.
The wedding was held at one of my favorite locations- the gorgeous Gainey Winery in the Santa Ynez Valley. 
I was beyond thrilled to work with the fabulous Amanda Bevington whose work I just love and who I completely adore! She and her husband Casey are so much fun.  She shared with me these beautiful photos from the incredible day which I just cannot get enough of. Enjoy!!

I loved Danielle's bouquet- sweetpeas and viburnum are two of my most favorite flowers.

Seriously- how gorgeous is Danielle?!
Such a cute shot in the barrel room. It was a cool escape from the hot weather outside!

Ahh.... the "wedding post!" This was Matt's awesome creation unveiled to all the day before the wedding. And in true hilarious fashion, the wedding post was of course accompanied with a story of the Santa Ynez Indians who had an "ancient tradition" of cutting down a tree and painting it white and placing "tribal corks" with "tribal table numbers stuck in them." Guests signed the post for Matt and Danielle. Brilliant.

With record high temperatures, we ran out to the local store to pick up popsicles for the guests to enjoy upon arrival.

I love this shot of Matt seeing Danielle for the first time that day.

Amanda is a genius with these detail shots! How incredible are those grapes?

The ceremony space at Gainey is absolutely beautiful.

The ceremony was so full of emotion- both heartfelt and hilarious. I laughed and cried the whole time. 

My favorite shot of the day.  :)

Some table details- each table had a mix of succulents and soft white sweetpeas and tulips.

Quite possibly the best wedding toast I have ever witnessed. (Given by Matt's fellow UCB'ers.)

Matt's reaction to the last line is Amy Poehler's toast. The water I was drinking came through my nose I was laughing so hard.

The beginning of the first dance. It started sweet and slow to Moonriver.... but then it busted into this masterpiece.. more below.

Now for the story of the greatest surprise "first dance" EVER. Inspired by a spoof which Matt wrote and directed based off of the dance movie genre, they decided to surprise their guests with something completely awesome. The "Bad Newz Bears," a dance crew out of Los Angeles, were secretly hired to come to the wedding. The guys from the crew dressed as waiters and were on the floor "serving" guests for about an hour before the dance began..
Danielle and Matt started painfully slow to "Moonriver" and you could almost see guests squirming in their seats as they watched Danielle and Matt's middle school style rendition of a first dance. About a minute into the song, the cd began skipping and Danielle and Matt looked toward the DJ in confusion and shock. (Of course, I could not keep my eyes off the guests and their reactions..) As the DJ was "fumbling" to fix the "skip" the song started thumping into a sweet, old school hip hop beat, to which Danielle and Matt decided to all at once bust into a crazy choreographed number. A minute later, out of nowhere, a "waiter" (who was standing near the dance floor) jumped onto the floor and joined the dance. Before you knew it, things began to get competitive and Danielle and Matt become involved in a dance-off in true "You Got Served" style. Another "waiter" jumped onto the floor and the dance-off continued. By the end, a total of 5 guys were on the floor. Finally the dance off was mediated by one of the guys and Danielle and Matt come together to conclude the dance. It was one of the most completely fantastic things I have ever seen. It was such a fun way to kick off the rest of the night.

I loved the look of the luminaries when the sun went down. They bring such a beautiful warmth to the evening sky.
Danielle and Matt cutting their yummy cake before heading off to the after-party. What a gorgeous night! :)



AMAZING! You have such a gift for detail, and after reading your recount of the day, I feel like I'm there again! You are so talented! What a joy to work with you on this beautiful wedding and I am just always so amazed by what you do! (Still I'm hooked on the blog...love the gocco) Can't wait to see more!!! Thank you for being so awesome! See you very soon! Love, A

By Blogger Amanda Bevington, at July 6, 2008 at 9:31 PM  

So beautiful, brilliant, and HILARIOUS!!

By Blogger Sarah, at July 13, 2008 at 9:50 PM  

haha what was the last line in amy poehler's toast that made matt react like that?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 22, 2009 at 12:36 PM  

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